Estate Jewelry

Estate Jewelry

The first question many people ask is “What is estate jewelry? Estate jewelry are items that have had a previous owner, often with a notable history and attached to a famous person or figure in history. Other pieces of estate jewelry are known for their uniqueness and craftsmanship of the pieces. Estate jewelry can also be known for coming out of the studio of certain artists and makers of the period. One thing is for certain, estate jewelry is uncommon, and often unique making it some of the most sought after jewelry in the world.

Estate Jewelry For Sale

Our estate jewelry is meticulously handpicked, curated, and brought together to offer a wide range of fine estate jewelry that will fit your needs. Whether you are looking for a statement piece with a rich history, something that is no longer in production and thus cannot be found or purchased easily, or to a piece that perfectly matches your outfit for the night, Joe Pacetti Precious Jewels can help you find the perfect piece.

Looking For Estate Jewelry Near Me?

Our estate jewelry is primarily located in Dallas, Texas, New York City, New York, and Aspen, Colorado. We do travel domestically and internationally for appointments by referral if needed. From earrings, bracelets, necklaces, engagement rings, and men’s watches. We provide fine estate jewelry to meet your needs where you need it.

Estate Jewelry Online

While we do keep our current list of jewelry updated as quickly as we can online some of our most unique pieces may not make it to the site for privacy purposes. If you are looking for something specific please give us a call and we’ll check our inventory, or we can source the piece for you if it is currently not within our inventory.

Estate Jewelry Time Periods

Estate jewelry can be classified in many ways. One of the key categories is by time period of notable and distinct jewelry styles. From Edwardian, Art Noveau, and Art Deco, each had distinct and unique styles that have stood the test of time. If you are looking for pieces from specific time periods, or artists we can help.

Edwardian Jewelry

The Edwardian time period, 1900 – 1915, was a very unique time for jewelry. While silver and gold were often used before, after, and during the Edwardian period platinum was used for the first time more often than gold and silver and was often complemented with diamonds. This unique blend of metal and gem has given the time period a uniqueness from almost all other eras of jewelry. While platinum had been discovered around 100 years before the Edwardian Jewelry epoch, working it into jewelry was almost unheard of. So much so that if a piece of platinum jewelry needs to be dated it is almost guaranteed to come right at or shortly after the 1900s. The Edwardian period of 1900-1915 overlapped with the Art Nouveau period which we will go into detail about below.

Art Nouveau Jewelry

Art Nouveau jewelry is a conglomeration of several different styles from the same time period, roughly 1895 to the turn of the first decade in the 1900s. The Art Nouveau name comes from France, home to some of the finest makers of what is now estate jewelry in history. The Art Nouveau period is often defined by its quality and craftsmanship. The makers of this time period began to stray away from the ever-increasing popularity of machine-made jewelry and going back to handmaking pieces. This period is often seen as a small renaissance in style. Many makers being commissioned for pieces using uncommon materials. Silver bloomed during this time period along with materials from nature. Shells and horns from all different animals were incorporated. This period is also known for the dragonfly as a shape and was used on brooches, bracelets, and necklaces.

Victorian Jewelry

With the newly rediscovered popularity of the Victorian era in architecture, interior design, and now with new hit shows such as Downton Abbey and Bridgerton. Modern life has also rediscovered a love and appreciation for Victorian-era estate jewelry. The Victorian era spanned from 1840 to 1890 was dominated by one woman who held sway of not only an entire country. but of fashion worldwide for the time period as well. Queen Victoria ruled England and the western world’s style for 50 years. 50 years is a large time frame to work with, and styles did change with the times, but we do have several estate jewelry categories and styles that emerged that had lasting power.

Gold was fashionable, throughout this time period, often being used with timeless styled pieces from the renaissance and gothic period. The gothic style is notable as the Victorian period is commonly known for its unique use of black for mourning pieces. We are seeing a resurgence of black pieces coming back into popularity from this period as well as the ’70s and ’80s of the 20th century.

How To Clean and Care for Your Estate Jewelry

In large part, estate jewelry can, and should be cleaned the same way as all of your other pieces. Jewelers took as much care and attention as today’s modern studios and makers into making pieces that will last. Silver estate jewelry should be cleaned the same way as you would clean a brand-new silver piece from Tiffany’s. We do recommend that you have your estate jewelry professional cleaned as we do for all jewelry pieces. Bespoke, Rare, or unique pieces are valuable monetarily but often even more so historically, and by allowing a professional to clean them you are helping to ensure they will last more than a lifetime and will be enjoyed for future generations and continue to hold their value.


While Estate Jewelry covers a large swath of time, it allows us to provide you with the perfect piece for any occasion. Fashion may change but pieces from these periods will forever be in style. If you find something on our site you’d like to know more about contact us at your convenience.

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